What’s New: as of April 7

New CasesToday's Total CasesCumulative Total
BCTotal631,266 (783 recovered)
ICU Patients72
ICU Patients1948
On Ventilator1430
Deaths (hospital/ICU)05
ICU Patients3
On Ventilator3

What’s New: as of April 7

A special message from Providence President & CEO, Fiona Dalton

  • Of the total cases in B.C, 210 are linked to outbreaks in long-term care homes. Three of those outbreaks have been declared over, meaning no new cases over two successive incubation periods.
  • There is a third outbreak in a federal correctional facility.
  • Read the latest provincial statement here.
  • Applications for the Canada emergency response benefit (CERB) opened today. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there will be adjustments to the program to include those who don’t qualify, such as students and people working reduced hours. Watch his daily update here.


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Latest Staff Townhall Q&A's:

If you missed the Friday, April 3rd PHC All-Staff Town Hall, please visit Townhall Q&A Part One for answers to questions that were addressed during the session. Didn’t get your question answered? Part Two is coming soon, and will provide answers to questions we didn’t have time to cover. 


Frequently asked questions:

Please refer to the Q&A SECTION for more frequently asked questions.​

Do we have enough PPE? 

As of the April 3 Town Hall, we have enough PPE. Everyone should be using PPE as per the PPE guidelines

Whether we will always have enough is a function of two unknown factors. The first is how much we will use - we don’t exactly know how our demand will increase and whether we will follow the trend of Hubei, or northern Italy or something in between.  Nor do we know how provincial PPE guidelines may change. 

The second factor is that we don’t know what supplies we will be getting. The global supply chain is changing rapidly; however, we are in a good place in many ways through our location, our geography and our linkages to supplies/suppliers. 

What are we doing to get more PPE? 

We at Providence, along with VCH, PHSA, the Ministry of Health and the federal government are doing absolutely everything we can and are having success on this. At PHC our job isn’t to procure supplies (it’s done for us by PHSA), but in this unprecedented situation, we have been putting some additional orders in, to shore up the overall supplies in BC.

There is a daily provincial update on inventory. The province is trying to get a clear view of all the inventory in hospitals and other sites. Providence has a view of what's in the warehouse and to the pipeline of orders, which we contribute to. 

We have been able to get a tactical purchase of 48,000 N95 masks delivered to St. Paul’s to augment the overall effort occurring through the normal channels. 

As a more detailed example of PPE, we hold a one week stock of face shields on site, but there are over 100,000 in the central warehouse and many 100,000’s on order. We’ve ordered medical goggles and have received ~7,500.

In addition, we’ve been approached by local manufacturers. You may have seen the news of a 3-D printing company we are working with for full face shields and there are more examples like that.  

Be assured, a tremendous effort is underway to ensure there is adequate PPE, and it’s being tracked and taken seriously at the highest levels.

Can you clarify the PPE protocol for non-clinical staff working within the sites, ie. clerks etc?

PPE guidance comes directly from the Province. There have been concerns about the interpretation of what a ‘clinical care area’ means and whether you are providing ‘direct care’ to patients. For now, if you are in a clinical area at the hospital that provides patient care you will follow the minimum basic PPE on that ward. In your work area you should be aware of what the minimum PPE equipment is, which generally is a surgical mask, some form of eye protection, and gloves.

For staff who work in areas that do not have direct interaction with patients (e.g. health records), personal protective equipment is not required.

If staff have direct contact with patients, they will following the guidance for “clinical care areas” and wear a surgical mask and eye protection.  If gloves are used, they must be worn in conjunction with hand hygiene (i.e. clean hands before donning gloves, after doffing gloves, and must be changed after each patient encounter.  Gloves should not be worn when a staff member is not providing direct patient care. 

What is PHC’s leadership and staff role in setting up the Convention Centre? 
Providence is assisting Vancouver Coastal Health, the Ministry of Health, Health Emergency Management BC, the Canadian Red Cross and B.C.'s Mobile Medical Unit to mobilize an alternate care site at the Vancouver Convention Centre as part of COVID-19 preparedness planning. This is a provincial resource, led by Vancouver Coastal Health, and its purpose as an alternate care site is to add more bed capacity for lower acuity, non-COVID-19 patients so additional capacity can be created within regional hospitals for critically ill COVID-19 patients who may need access to our critical care units. For more, click here.

Situation Updates:

Latest Statement - Personal protective equipment (PPE) in direct care areas 

The Ministry of Health now requires that all staff, medical staff and contracted staff who have direct contact with patients, clients and residents wear surgical/procedural masks, eye protection and gloves when providing direct care to patients, clients and residents across Providence Health Care.

Read the March 31 PPE update here.

Government of British Columbia Statements 

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March 27: Joint Statement of Province of BC's COVID-19 response, latest updates

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