Ambulatory Care

Please note that as things change rapidly, Q&As and guidelines will be updated. Review this website often to ensure you have the most up to date information or consult your leader if you have concerns or identify discrepencies. 

NEW: COVID-19 Recovery: Public Health and Infection Control Key Principles for Ambulatory Care/Diagnostics (May 15, 2020)

One of the principles guiding our COVID-19 risk-mitigation strategies is that of "social distancing". Large groups of people sitting or congregating together is being discouraged by public health experts. The waiting rooms in PHC's numerous ambulatory and outpatient care settings are especially risky.

For that reason, and to further develop capacity and ensure health care resources are being prioritized for the most serious and critical needs, the activities for PHC's ambulatory care clinics are being scaled down. In general, in the coming days and weeks, activities will focus on the most urgent cases. Virtual and telehealth care and consultations are being urged between patients and providers/clinics to manage patients' elective needs in the most effective manner for them and the health care system.


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