There has been a lot of social media talk about donating PPE to hospitals and health authorities. This has created confusion amongst staff and the public. In response, Providence posted this message on our social media channels. Please share with your networks.

We'd like to thank every single person and organization who has reached out to St. Paul's Hospital and Providence to donate supplies like hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and more! We'd like to assure everyone that our supplies are currently stable, but we are still accepting donations in the event that we may need them! You may have seen a social media post circulating with Don Will's email address. While Don is exceptional at sourcing supplies for St. Paul's, his duties extend to all our sites. To make sure he can continue to keep all 17 of our sites fully stocked, we've created a different email you can send your queries about supply donation.

Email with the following information:

  • Your name:

  • Your contact info:

  • Supplies you have and wish to donate:

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