Understanding social distancing

The term ‘social distancing’ is circulating almost as quickly as COVID-19 and with perhaps even less clarity about what it actually means. A more accurate phrase is physical-social distancing because we want to help people stay physically further apart, while remaining socially connected. 

Within health care, we have personal protective equipment and other measures in place when we can’t use physical distance. All of that gear, however, may feel socially distancing. It is essential that we make the extra effort to stay connected – smile from our eyes above the masks, say hello, speak kind words of comfort and remember to greet each other and those we interact with.

Encourage the people in your life to:
•    Get outside and enjoy nature; 
•    Meet with others 1:1 or in very small groups while staying six feet apart from each other; 
•    Avoid contact with shared surfaces, but seek friendly eye contact; 
•    Stay out of our neighbours’ homes for now, but not out of their lives; and
•    Join each other on the sidewalk to share smiles and stories, but not physical space or food. 

Together, let’s choose kindness and connection in the face of chaos and physical-social distancing!

This page last updated Mar 23, 2020 11:31am PDT