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Update on parking at our sites (as of Aug 15, 2020)

The City of Vancouver has extended the current street parking exemptions for health care workers until August 31, 2020. This will be the final extension.

Please note the following:

  • Please follow the How to Access Temporary Health Care Parking Exemptions during COVID-19 document as instructions must be followed precisely or you will be subject to ticketing or being towed.
  • To park in Approved Exemption Areas, staff must display a sheet with PHC’s Dash Identifier HEALTH002 AND register their car with the PaybyPhone system for ALL City of Vancouver parking.
    • This must be done no matter what exempted area you park in, even if there is no parking meter associated with the spot. Please review the How to Access Temporary Health Care Parking Exemptions during COVID-19 document on how to do this.
    • The City will be ticketing/towing those who do not follow the directions. They will no longer be accepting PHC daily pay danglers on mirrors as identification of HCWs.)
  • Commercial laneway parking is NOT permitted under this healthcare worker exemption.

Email for temporary parking passes and claims for City issued tickets.  Tickets are not being forgiven if all City exemption rules are not followed.

Please review the following documents for information regarding how to use the new PaybyPhone system and the area code. 

Paid Parking in local lots near SPH  

  • Paid Parking is available in the area neighboring SPH and can be found here. 
  • Note revisions to the Wall Centre parking: $10 daily rate for self-parking and a maximum of 14 hours per day use. Same day in and outs are not permitted.


  • To enjoy discounted parking, you must obtain a Parking Discount Card from WestPark by calling 604-669-7275 or emailing
  • The program, which automatically charges a credit card of your choice, allows you to use the discount card to swiftly enter and exit the parking garage without having to perform any other transaction. These cards are unique to the user and cannot be shared. It will take 7-10 days to receive a card after an application is completed. When calling to obtain your parking discount card, a valid work ID will be required.
  •  Use the discount card for gate entry and exit. Please wait for parking gates to fully open and close behind you before proceeding into the parking lot. Please use only the North Tower exits and elevators to access the parkade as the South Tower is closed. The parking lot is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Please note that new members of this program will only be able to participate until Dec 31st, 2020. On that date, the Wall Centre will reassess usage.

Monthly Parking Reimbursement

  • For staff who have paid or are paying at non-hospital (private) sites, you may claim your expense using the attached Mileage & Parking Claim Form. You will need proof of payment and approval from your supervisor/manager to qualify. Please note this is only for those who are on monthly plans at non-hospital (private) sites. Staff who are on payroll deduction at hospital sites are not being charged and continue to be exempt, until further notice.
  • Due to current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, PHSA Payroll will accept a scanned copy of your proof of payment and completed Mileage & Parking Claim Form submitted via email.


  • Once your supervisor/manager approves your claim, they will send your submission to payroll via email to ‘Payroll Assistant’ at;
  • Your supervisor/manager must sign and print their name on the mileage claim form or indicate clearly in the email body sent to payroll that they have reviewed and approved your claim. Please note that Payroll department will not process any claims without your supervisor/manager’s approval;
  • Please keep your original proof of payment for audit purposes.

Hornby staff parking 

  • Providence staff who have parking spots at our Hornby office parkade and are currently working from home are asked to offer their parking spot to other PHC staff. To offer your stall, please contact:

St. Paul’s Hospital parking for patients

  • Parking in St. Paul’s Hospital is continuing to be monitored and assessed daily to enable patients parking and optimize the space available for staff.  Staff should follow the direction of the parking Ambassadors, who will direct you to the staff parking spaces.
  • Please continue to respect Ambassadors and the areas that are reserved each day for patients.



Bus service changes starting June 1

From June 1, fare collection and front-door boarding on buses will resume. TransLink will also ease seat restrictions to add as much capacity as possible (about two-thirds) while it restores bus services to pre-pandemic levels. 

As more people return to transit, physical distancing will not always be possible. To make taking transit safer and available to all those who need it, TransLink reminds customers to do their part to protect themselves and others. 

  • Stay at home if you’re sick
  • Travel off-peak when possible 
  • Wear a non-medical mask/face covering when using transit
  • Sit down when using the bus (to make it easier for operators to estimate the number of customers on board)
  • Allow yourself more time for travel

Read the full media release here.

TransLink implements Safe Operating Action Plan

TransLink has released new and enhanced measures in its Safe Operating Action Plan to improve sanitization, create physical space where possible and enhance safety, including: 

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing, including cleaning ‘pit crews’ at high traffic stations
  • Managing the number of people through fare gates and on SkyTrains
  • Restoring service and adding more capacity including routes that were previously reduced

For more information on how to safely take transit and for details of TransLink’s Safe Operating Action Plan, visit TransLink’s website. 

Stay up-to-date on TransLink service changes.

Compass card refunds

TransLink is offering Compass Card refunds to anyone who purchased a monthly pass for April or a partial refund for March. To request a refund, please call TransLink Customer Service at (toll-free) 1-888-207-4055 or 604-398-2042, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or online at​​​


NEW: Staff can carpool with a colleague from outside of their household; if you are planning to carpool, please follow these enhanced infection prevention guidelines for carpooling with a colleague provided VCH Medical Health Office.



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