“Providence Alert” COVID-19 Text Messaging Service for Staff

It’s clear that information concerning health care providers and COVID-19 changes a lot, often several times a day.

Given that many of us work away from desktop computers, email can’t alert everyone to critical, new information. That’s why our Providence Communications department is taking the unprecedented step to create a system that sends important text messages directly to our cell phones.

Please be assured that we will only use Providence Alert for information that is critically important or of time-sensitive value to staff members regarding COVID-19. We may offer a short update or refer to a Providence website link if information is longer than a text message. We will soon have a parallel system for physicians which will contain alerts of specific importance to them.

We also want to assure everyone that the phone numbers in the text messaging system are stored in Canada and are encrypted. They are perfectly safe and will not be shared with anyone else. 

The Providence Alert text messaging system is very easy to use. Many of us will be automatically added to the service. We’ll plan to send out our first text in the next day or two. If you don’t receive the message, you can just sign up for it. 

  • For staff members to opt-in, text STAFF to 1-844-933-1118 from your mobile device. 
  • If you’re signed up and don’t want to be, simply text STOP to the same number. 

Even though we’re making it easy for us to opt-out of Providence Alert, we hope the information is of value to us all and that everyone stays subscribed. Also, a web-based “opt-in and opt-out” system will soon be ready. We will let you know when that’s in place for those less familiar with text messaging.

We should all continue to check Providence’s COVID-19 Daily Update at least once a day! This information is for our own safety and that of our patients and residents! 

As Providence Alert is a new form of communication, we’re open to hearing feedback. Please send any comments to:

This page last updated Mar 24, 2020 6:16pm PDT