On Monday, June 1, fare collection and front-door boarding on buses will resume along with easing seat restrictions to add as much passenger capacity as possible (about two-thirds). To support the growing number of people who are returning to transit – over the past month, TransLink says bus ridership has increased 30% – TransLink is also restoring bus services to pre-pandemic levels. 

When using transit, please expect that physical distancing will not always be possible. To make transit safer and available for all who need it, TransLink is asking customers to do their part to protect themselves and others. If you take transit, please:

  • Stay at home if you’re sick

  • Travel during off-peak times when possible

  • Wear a non-medical mask or face covering when using transit

  • Sit down when on the bus (to make it easier for operators to estimate the number of people on board)

  • Give yourself more time for travel

For more information, see the full media release or visit the staff COVID website section for Parking & Transportation.

This page last updated May 28, 2020 6:39pm PDT