Goodbye cheerless utility. Hello breath of fresh air and genuine comfort! Thanks to the generous souls at Moe’s, staff now have more cozy, more comfy spaces to rest and rejuvenate.

If you’ve lived in the city for more than 20 minutes, chances are you’ve heard of Moe’s: Vancouver’s second-generation, family-run home furnishings store. What you might not know is that Moe’s has been a long-time supporter of St. Paul’s. Over the years, they’ve donated all kinds of furniture right across PHC, including the eating disorders unit (4NW), the Mental Health and Wellness Clinic and inpatient units, Foundry Granville, and Renfrew House.

When COVID-19 hit, Moe’s reached out to help yet again. Their goal was simple and oh-so compassionate: they wanted to make our physicians and clinical teams more comfortable. Patty Yoon, Patient Care Manager in the Mental Health Program, and Jen Duff, Acting Program Director of Maternity & NICU sprang into action. And in just a few weeks, their collective efforts have delivered extreme makeovers on 6 physician call rooms, a nursing station, a patient lounge, and spaces at both Youville and MSJ.

Love in the time of coronavirus

There’s something soothing and humane – especially now – about having a clean, attractive place to catch your breath, sleep, or take a moment to prep for whatever comes next. With stylish new desks, beds, lamps, side tables, and accessories like beautiful artwork and the most amazing pillows ever, we now have spaces like that at PHC. Needless to say, staff love them! Here are just a few of the many comments we’ve received:

  • “With kids at home, I can’t go back and forth between the hospital and home while a patient labours. A comfortable space at the hospital to work and sleep gives me and my family so much peace of mind,” says Dr. Donna McLachlan, Head of Obstetrics for Family Practice, SPH.

  • “Midwives are on call for births 24/7. A refreshed place to rest keeps us going while we serve the families we work with,” says Patricia Rohlfs, Assistant Head and Site Lead for SPH, Department of Midwifery.

  • “The obstetrics senior call room is so welcoming now – and it’s much better for organizing our textbooks, scrubs, and everything else needed by busy residents who often spend more time at the hospital than at home,” says Dr. Heather Armstrong, PGY4 UBC Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

  • “Honestly, our call room looks like a nice hotel,” says Dr. Judy Wolfe, Medical Program Director, Paediatrics.

  •  “The new pillows are heaven!” says everyone.


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