Resident doctors in family medicine at Providence Health Care are currently being redirected and redeployed to the most needed areas of our community to help the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Staffing and contingency planning are anticipated to be an issue in the very near future; family doctors are taught to respond and develop with the needs of the community. Many of the current training schedules have been modified and current redeployment has 28 residents redistributed to St. Paul’s hospital internal medicine units and Mount St. Joseph wards. 

In addition to this, residents have also been distributed to addictions, palliative care, obstetrics and community family practice clinics to help. We have even had a resident come out of maternity leave early to help in crisis.

 “I'm on a maternity leave right now and I started getting calls and texts from family, friends, colleagues all saying something like, "Aren't you glad you get to sit this one out?" My reply was, "What are you talking about? As soon as I can get re-registered and find someone to watch the kids, I'll be there. I've got you, see you at work! Throughout my careers in nursing and medicine, provision of service to the public has always been the backbone of my professional framework. I owe my unique and incredible career to the people of BC and I want to be here for them now as we confront this challenge together.” – Dr. Cailey Lynch, Family Practice Resident

I want to extend a big thank you to our family practice residents!

Submitted by Dr. Pierre-Paul Lizotte
Associate Department Head Family Medicine - Providence Health Care


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