A group of UBC students, including the daughter of Providence cardiologist Dr. Brett Heilbron, has launched a free mentorship program for children of health care workers. Kassandra Heilbron and her colleagues wanted to help express their gratitude to all of those on the frontlines during this crisis so they launched Mentoring the Stars. They have felt the impact of transitioning to online learning themselves, and wanted to help younger students.

All the mentors/tutors are university students who are volunteering their time for the project. Mentors are matched with an appropriate mentee, depending on the needs of the student. The mentor will create a customized lesson plan for each student, with training and guidance from Kassandra and her colleagues. They have found most younger students need help understanding basic concepts, while older students need help understanding concepts and reviewing their assignments.

Kassandra says they are actively recruiting additional mentors and mentees to join their community. Please see this webpage for more information, including two flyers available for download (scroll to the bottom of the page). You can sign your child up for a mentor HERE. University students interested in volunteering as mentors, click HERE. You can email Kassandra and her team at

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