City of Vancouver extends its parking for Health Care Workers and Wall Centre extends to 14 hours the duration of the parking day.

Parking update:

The City of Vancouver has extended its temporary parking for Health Care Workers enabling  them to park in meter and permit zones until June 14, 2020. A valid dash pass (same as what we have been using to date) is required and can be obtained at  For information on where parking is enabled across SPH, MSJ and Honoria Conway/Youville, and how to obtain a dash pass, please go to PHC’s COVID-19 website and parking page here.

PHC continues to provide free parking to patients and staff on its sites and until further notice from the Ministry.  Where capacity is limited, particularly at SPH, staff are encouraged to use the parking provided by the City of Vancouver.

Wall Centre

The $10 rate is for self-parking and the time limit has been raised to a maximum of 14 hours per day to enable our shift-working staff. Same day in and outs are not permitted. It will take 7 - 10 days to receive a card after an application is completed and staff wishing to apply for a parking pass here are encouraged to begin the process now.

The method by which you enjoy a discounted parking fee is Parking Discount Card that you can obtain through WestPark by calling 604-669-7275 or email .  The program, which automatically charges a credit card of your choice, allows you to use the Card to swiftly enter and exit the parking garage without having to perform any other transaction. These cards are unique to the user and cannot be shared. 

When calling to setup and obtain your Parking discount card, a Valid Work ID will be required to qualify for this program.  Use the discount card for gate entry and exit. Please wait for parking gates to fully open and close behind you before proceeding into the parking lot. Only, use the north tower exits or elevators to leave the parkade and return to your vehicle as the South Tower is closed. 

There are currently 290 St. Paul’s staff registered for the program and due to the current situation we are opening up the program to new registrants. New sign-on’s would only be able to participate in the program until Dec 31st, 2020. On that date, Wall Centre will reassess what the right number of participants is for our business mix.  The parking lot is accessible 24 hours a day. 

Century Plaza Hotel

The Century Plaza will be reverting to paid parking effective June 1, 2020.  The SPH staff rate is $11/day per day.

Please check you COVID Bulletin for regular parking updates.

This page last updated May 28, 2020 6:39pm PDT