The People Redeployment Centre will open tomorrow, Thursday, March 26 at 8am for non-clinical requests. This service will be available 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm, for leaders who require additional support in their area.

To submit a request, please fill out the attached form and submit it to: 

Once received, we will work on your request for deployment of a non-clinical non-contract employee. Please watch for more information on clinical redeployment in the coming days.

For non-clinical, non-contract staff

If you're non-clinical and non-contract and have capacity to support the COVID-19 efforts at Providence, we have received information about your availability for redeployment from your manager.

A questionnaire from the People Redeployment Centre was sent out to non-clinical and non-contract staff today. If you're non-clinical and non-contract and you have not received the questionnaire, please follow this link:

 Please complete and submit the questionnaire by end of day Thursday, March 26. If you are a bargaining unit employee, please do not complete this questionnaire.

The information from this questionnaire will be used to augment the database of deployable people who will then be matched with an appropriate assignment to help support our response efforts. Examples of redeployment positions include, but are not limited to, clerical roles, food services support, greeters and language interpreters.

Thank you for being part of our “all hands on deck” work to tackle this crisis. We appreciate your commitment to the health, wellness and safety of our patients, residents, clients, staff and medical staff.

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