Premier John Horgan and Education Minister Rob Fleming have announced details on the optional return to school for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students starting June 1. Full details are available here.

  • The return to classroom learning is voluntary for students.
  • It will start June 1 in all school districts across the province. School districts are required to submit their reopening plans to the Province.
  • For Kindergarten to Grade 5, classes will be half-time, likely alternating days.
  • For Grades 6 to 12, classroom instruction will be 20 percent, likely one day per week for the month of June.
  • Online instruction will continue, both for students who stay home full-time and those who have returned to class part-time.
  • Children of essential service workers and students needing additional support will have the option to attend school full time.

New safety measures in place for schools:

  • Desks spaced apart.
  • Avoiding groups or gatherings of students in hallways or other common areas.
  • Regular cleaning of high-contact surfaces like door knobs, toilet seats, keyboards and desks at least twice a day, and cleaning the school building at least once a day.
  • Everyone will be required to clean their hands before entering school property, and there will be more hand-sanitizing and cleaning stations available, with well-stocked supplies.
  • Staggered drop-offs, lunch and recess breaks, with increased outside time.
  • Anyone with symptoms must stay home.
  • One student per seat on school buses, unless children are from the same house, with plexiglass separating the bus driver from students.

Daycares are not mandated to reopen. Centres that choose to reopen will need to follow extra precautions. Daycares are asked to continue to prioritize spaces for children of essential workers. New provincial health officer's guidelines for safely providing child care include:

  • Maintaining the physical space requirements set out in the Child Care Licensing Regulation. Child care centres have sufficient space to support physical distancing between staff without reducing the number of children in care at any one time.
  • Organizing children into smaller groups and/or spreading children out to minimize direct physical contact.
  • cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces at least twice a day. General cleaning of the centre should occur at least once a day with common cleaning and disinfectant products.
  • Setting up hand-hygiene stations at the entrance, so children can clean their hands when they enter. Additional hand-hygiene opportunities should be built into the daily schedule. 
  • Staggering the timings of pickup and drop-off.
  • Spending more time outdoors, including snack time.

Read the full news release here.


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