In the seven weeks since the World Health Organization declared a world-wide pandemic due to COVID-19, we rapidly altered how Providence staff work in order to create an environment of social distancing. As the government prepares to announce its plan for reopening the province, many of you may be wondering what comes next, specifically for those staff whose work has migrated offsite or to what is sometimes called “working remotely.”

Staff may wonder what the future holds for their working environment – this also came up at this week’s PHC Virtual Town Hall meeting. Questions regarding when staff may return to the office or if remote working is here to stay, even after COVID-19, speak to the larger question on all our minds: What does the “new normal” look like?

To be clear, until we hear official government and public health office messaging about lessening restrictions, we must stay the course. This means that unless staff need to be onsite for their work, it is not the time to return; however, it is the time to have a conversation.

Providence staff who are working remotely should start to consider the following questions:

  1. How is this new way of working benefitting you?

  2. What are the challenges of remote working and how do we address them?

  3. What is your preference for remote work (e.g., full-time working remotely; full-time working in the office; hybrid of remote and office; no preference at all)?

Next week, we will be circulating a survey to those staff who are working remotely to gather feedback on their current experiences and thoughts on flexible work environments going forward. Our intention is to learn from this experience and to apply these learnings as we envision our best way forward.

The pandemic has created an opportunity to change our work culture and redefine how we work. Led by our Mission, Vision and Values and keeping flexibility at the forefront of our thoughts, let’s be inspired by our people.


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