In times like these, all eyes are on us as a health system.  This includes the public observing us as professionals and groups outside of the hospital. 

Staff have reported that they have been filmed by the public during their breaks outside the hospital because they are wearing scrubs or going to grab coffee or lunch in groups. (For guidelines on scrubs, read Scrubs: what you need to know.)

Modelling the behaviour we expect from the public has never been more important, but your safety is our priority. Here is our advice:

  • Don't come to and from work in scrubs - arrive and leave in your street clothes.

  • If you leave the hospital during your break, change back into street clothes.   

  • Consider sending one person out for coffee runs and lunch runs, and if you do go out in groups, please remember the Public Health Officer orders on social distancing.

  • If you wear your own scrubs and launder them at home, launder them separately, use a hot wash and don't 'shake out' your laundry before putting it in the washing machine.

Role modelling also means taking care of what you post on social media as a professional working at PHC. It’s understandable how staff and medical staff are utilizing all communications channels to stay current and support each other by answering questions and sharing information.

At the same time, media outlets are monitoring social media channels as well. We should be sensitive to the organization’s social media and media relations policies, including taking extra care of staff and patient privacy issues, and ensuring speculative, misleading or non-verified information is not inadvertently shared widely, as that can be cause for further anxiety, confusion or rumours.

Please be thoughtful about what you post - our friends, families and communities need reassurance. If you have anxieties and concerns, social media is not the place to air them - talk to your leaders and colleagues.

We also have a support line available for staff and volunteers to speak with a colleague who is trained to provide Psychological First Aid (this is not a crisis line). Call 604.806.9925 or local 69925 – leave your name, number and a time for one of the trained volunteers to call you back. This line is also available to physicians. 

Please also refer to the PHC policy on Social Media use. Resources available include the Social Media policy and guidelines, and the Media Relations policy. Thank you again for all your great service and commitment during these challenging times.

This page last updated Mar 27, 2020 1:21pm PDT