Relax Rooms are available! We’re delighted that some of you have used this option already.

  •  If you are a current Providence staff member or medical staff member  you are now able to access a PHC Relax Room at The Burrard Hotel (1100 Burrard, directly across from St. Paul’s). 

  • These are 2 hour room bookings which you can use to shower/change after a shift, or to rest if you are working long hours.

To access a Relax Room, please show your staff ID at The Burrard front desk, provide your name, department and role, and request a Relax Room.   We are currently looking into options to provide this service at locations closer to our other sites. We will provide further details on this as they become available.

This page last updated Mar 24, 2020 5:52pm PDT