Listen to your body – it will give you cues about what it needs to stay healthy.

Give yourself a healthy "time-out" from worry, stress, and anxiety. 

Taking Care of your Physical Wellness: During these days of COVID, we seem to keep moving forward but somehow feel that we are not making any progress.   We continue to feel physically exhausted, restless, body aches and pains.   

Whether we are aware of it or not, our body is continually "speaking to us".  It is telling us what it needs to keep us healthy, comfortable, and happy.  

Take a moment and really listen to what your body is telling you.  Is it tense, hungry, thirsty, jittery, tired?  If you listen you will be able to learn what is really going on inside of you, which then gives you the power to provide your body with what it needs at any given time, and for future wellness. Take a moment and slow down — listen to your body.

  • Grab a healthy snack if you are feeling hungry.
  • Stop and enjoy a drink of water when you are feeling thirsty. 
  • Take a break and go for a walk if you are feeling restless.
  • Do some simple stretches if you are feeling body aches and pains.
  • Take a quick power-nap if you are feeling tired.
  • Do some breathing exercises if you are feeling anxious.

Click HERE to find out more about how to listen to your body. ​​

Taking Care of your mental/emotional wellness:  ​​It is natural to worry about things, but if you feel that constant worry and focus on COVID is becoming excessive and taking over your life, make a conscious effort to take a break from it. 

​Find a "grounding/distraction activity" that you can fully immerse yourself in; an activity that distracts you for a specific period of time;  an activity that you have total control over.  Instead of always focusing on confronting your emotions, stress, worry, and anxiety, give yourself a healthy time-out in the form of a grounding/distraction activity. 

Examples of Grounding/Distraction Activities: ​

  •  create and organize photo albums
  • clean the garage
  • sort kids toys and clothing for donation
  • purge your closet
  •  start spring cleaning
  • spray-wash the house
  • paint the fence
  • dig-up and re-plant the flower beds
  • start a veggie garden
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