Try to identify and value your own personal COVID Silver-Linings.

Wellness Tip #1

 Taking care of your Physical Wellness: Committing to a regular Physical Exercise Routine supports  better cardiovascular function, and the risk of heart disease and diabetes while significantly improving your feelings of happiness and calm.   


During these stressful times of COVID, it is important to draw on the benefits of "physical" exercise and build some form of physical exercise routine into your day.  Physical exercise has been proven to promote better cardiovascular function and a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, and cancer.  It also provides a healthy distraction from the worry and stress of COVID and lifts your mood to enhance feelings of happiness and a sense of calm.   

Positive outcomes of physical exercise also include: reduces stress and boosts levels of energy, concentration, focus, and productivity; helps improve brain function and memory; and strengthens the immune system.

Draw on these strategies to support your commitment to a Physical Exercise Routine.​

1)  Make exercise a "routine" by scheduling it into your week on a specific day & time.

2)  Break exercise up into manageable chunks that keep you interested without being overwhelming

3)  Start with something simple like a 30 minute walk each day.  

4)  Ask a friend to join you for motivational support (remembering to social-distance).

5)  Designate a specific place in your house that is your exercise corner.

5)  Mix-It-Up by going on-line and searching out activities that tweak your interest. 

6) Try exercising outdoors now that the weather supports most forms of exercise.

7)  Play-The-Part by putting specific work-out gear on, including your runners.

8)  Be prepared with equipment i.e. weights, resistance bands, etc 

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Wellness Tip #2

Taking care of your Emotional Wellness: Develop Emotional Wellness Strategies to support your emotional ups & downs connected to your worries around COVID.  


Even during these challenging times of COVID you can continue to take good care of your emotional wellness.  Understanding and accepting your entire range of emotions, and living well through all of yours ups and downs, supports on-going emotional wellness.  Developing emotional wellness strategies is a skill you can learn and use through any given situation.  When you are emotionally healthy, you can deal with all of the many aspects of life, including​ COVID.

Emotions and feelings are our responses to both things that are happening around us and to our thoughts.  Our brain reacts instantly to things it picks up on its radar (i.e.: the gut reaction you get when you see an accident happen on the way to the store).

Our brain stirs up a host of responses, in varying degrees, like a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, sweaty hands.  Like a computer, our brain runs through memories and beliefs, makes associations, and creates meaning.  It does this instantaneously and, as a result, we have physical reactions, reactive thoughts, and emotional responses to the situation.

Developing awareness of your emotions, and how they are affecting you, are key ingredients in supporting your emotional wellness, especially during these days of COVID when emotions are at a heightened level.

The chart below will provide you with some Emotional Management Strategies to use to both identify your emotional response, and offer a quick, easy strategy to take charge on your emotions before they escalate.

Check out a helpful Emotional Management Strategies chart here.

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