Take Care of your Physical Wellness: Your Feet

  1. Tennis ball rolls: For best results, sit in a chair and remove your shoes and socks. Place a tennis ball on the floor and press down on it lightly with the bottom of your foot. Roll it around for a few minutes, or as long as you want. Do this with both feet.
  2. Ankle pumps and circles: It's not only the bottom of your feet that experience a lot of pressure over the course of the day. Your ankles play a vital role in supporting you. Start by laying down on your back with your toes pointed toward the ceiling. Move your feet up and down, so that your toes alternately point up and forward. Do that 10 times. Next, roll your ankles in slow circles. You should feel both of these stretches in your Achilles tendon, along the back of your leg.
  3. Buy arch supports: Try a pair of over-the-counter arch supports for your shoes. Arch supports will help decrease the shock that your feet experience with every step. Here’s a link to Amazon to order some.
  4. Try Compression Socks: Here’s a link with specific styles designed for health care workers 
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