Taking Care of your Mental Wellness: Finding our power during uncertain times

We have a lot of questions right now. How long will this last? Will my loved ones be okay? How long can I keep this up? What will my job look like today? Next week? Next month?

When the future is unclear, these kinds of questions can flood our minds, sapping us of our power and hope. During these times of extreme uncertainty, we can restore our energy and sense of optimism by noticing and focusing on what is within our control. It is human to want to feel a sense of control over our lives.

Positive psychology gives us some tools to find our power during uncertain times: 

  • What is one worry that is swirling in your head most right now?
  • What is ONE THING you CAN control about this situation or concern?
  • What is ONE THING you can NOT control about it?
  • Take a moment to acknowledge your feelings of frustration, fear, or being overwhelmed about what you cannot control.
  • Now, focus on what you can control. Give all of your attention to that and hold it for even just a minute.

When we can identify what is within our control and focus on influencing that – it can help release our precious energy from worrying about the things we can’t influence.

We are in uncertain times. While many things may be out of our control, we are not powerless. We can reclaim our power by focusing on what we can control. Together, we will get through this, and stronger!

This page last updated Apr 6, 2020 4:25pm PDT