8A Outbreak FAQ

What’s being done to ensure there are no more infections on 8A?

Routine outbreak procedures include enhanced cleaning and enhanced contact and droplet precautions on the unit. Additionally, 8A staff can only work on the one unit during the outbreak.

Staff are also asked to stay home if they feel any symptoms, even mild, of COVID-19 including: cough, fever, headache, shortness of breath, etc. See a list of symptoms here.

Here is a full list of all measures being taken:

  • 8A staff can only work on the unit (i.e. no other unit or site) until the outbreak is declared over. The same goes for environmental services staff assigned to the unit.
  • All on-duty 8A staff will be tested on the unit during their shifts. All patients on the unit will also be tested.
  • All 8A staff are reminded to stay home and get assessed/tested if they are feeling sick or are symptomatic. Asymptomatic staff will be tested when they next work a shift on 8A.
  • There are no visitors permitted except for compassionate reasons after review with the nursing and medical team (including Public Health).
  • All staff are reminded to strictly follow all PPE requirements. A reminder that all PPE guidelines and information can be found here on Providence’s COVID-19 site.
  • A screener will be posted outside the unit and everyone will be screened prior to entering the unit.
  • Patients can be discharged from the unit as per normal procedures; messages for wearing masks, hand hygiene and physical distancing should be reinforced.
  • Patients leaving against medical advice (AMA) are to be documented, with the details to be provided to the MHO.
  • Staff will be issued hospital scrubs for the duration of the outbreak. These scrubs can be picked up at Linen Services.
Is it safe to come to work to 8A?
Yes - it is safe to come to work in 8A so long as proper PPE, contact and droplet precautions are used. Staff should stay home if they are feeling any symptoms, even mild, of COVID-19.
I was working in the Urban Health unit (8A) over the last few weeks – do I need to quarantine?

If you have been deemed exposed to COVID-19, you will be contacted by Public Health and advised to self-isolate at home. If you feel any symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, you are asked to stay home, isolate, and get tested for COVID-19.

If you begin to feel symptoms, even mild, while on shift, you are asked to let your manager know and then go get tested and self-isolate at home.

I work at multiple acute care units/sites as well as St. Paul’s 8A – can I continue to do this?
No – Until the outbreak is declared over, 8A staff – including casual staff – can only work on 8A.
Where do I pick up my hospital issued scrubs?
You can pick up your scrubs at Linen Services.
Is it safe for 8A patients to receive visitors?
At this time, there are no visitors permitted except for compassionate reasons after review with the nursing and medical team (including Public Health).
What can I tell my patient’s family members?

Conversations with patient’s families regarding COVID-19 can be challenging. Here are a few talking points:

  • A Vancouver Coastal Health Medical Health Officer declared a COVID-19 Outbreak on 8A on September 21, 2020.
  • All patients and staff are being tested for COVID-19.
  • As part of our outbreak protocols we are not admitting new patients, but patients will be discharge from the unit per normal procedures, with information regarding self-isolation, wearing a mask, hand hygiene, and physical distancing, as well as connecting them with Public Health for follow up.
  • To ensure patient safety and minimize spread, we are unable to accommodate in-person visits at this time, except for compassionate reasons (e.g. at end-of-life).
I’ve been instructed by a Medical Health Officer to self-isolate but I don’t have any symptoms. Is this considered sick leave?
If Public Health directs you to self-isolate and you are not sick, you will be placed on paid general leave.
I’ve been instructed by a Medical Health Officer to self-isolate and I have symptoms. What happens in this case? 
If you are sick, stay home. PHC will code this as sick time. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you must remain off work. Your absence will be managed by Occupational Health & Safety in accordance with guidance from Public Health to determine when you can safely return to work.
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