Youville: Parkview Unit

The outbreak at Parkview Unit (5th Floor) of Youville was delcared over by Public Health on Sunday, November 29.  


An outbreak was declared at Parkview Unit (5th Floor) of Youville on November 19, 2020 by Public Health Officers after two health care workers tested positive for COVID-19.

No Parkview patients or Youville residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Out of an abundance of caution, enhanced surveillance and infection control measures have been implemented and an outbreak of COVID-19 has been formally declared.

The following steps are being taken, effective immediately:

  • Testing of all Parkview staff and patients. Apart from the two staff members noted above, there have been no further positive diagnoses.
  • Stringent infection control measures in Parkview, including screening of everyone before they enter the building, enhanced environmental   cleaning, and emphasis on proper PPE usage and hand hygiene.
  • Parkview patient group activities and non-essential services have been put on hold to minimize risk. Individualized patient rehab treatments are continuing within patient rooms.
  • Essential visits only between Parkview patients and their families. (Social visits are on hold.)
  • Family visitation to Youville Residence 2nd and 3rd floor to continue as per the current process.
  • New and separate change rooms for Parkview staff.
  • Ensuring separation of Parkview and Youville staff coming on shift by dividing main vestibule into two separate entry ways to main entrance; Staff going off shift leave by rear basement doors. There is no staff traffic between Parkview and Youville floors.
  • Ensuring separate cleaning staff/teams for Parkview and Youville.
  • Increased Parkview staff education sessions by Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC).

Public Health will continue to closely manage and monitor the situation. Further measures for infection control may be directed by Public Health, as required.

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