How to Join Skype for Business Meetings from a Personal Computer

Open the meeting page in your personal computer’s browser

  • From Webmail: click on the meeting link in your browser on your personal computer.
  • From Outlook within Office Desktop or Remote Desktop:
  1. Right click on the Join Skype Meeting link
  2. Select Copy Hyperlink.
  3. Switch to the browser on your personal computer (not within Office Desktop or Remote Desktop)
  4. Paste the link and hit Enter


Install the Skype Meetings App (one-time only)

1. Click Install and join with Skype Meetings App (web).

2. Follow the instructions to download and open the Skype Meetings App.


Signing in to a Skype for Business Meeting

1. Once the App is installed, you will receive a prompt to open the Skype Meetings App, like this:

2. Click Open Skype Meetings App – you will see a prompt like this:

3. Do not enter your name. Click Sign in if you are from the organizer’s company instead.

4. You will then be prompted for a username and password. Enter your PHC network username (ex. infosys\jsmith) and password, then click Join.


How to Use the Skype Meetings App

Once in the meeting, the app allows you to mute, share your video, share your screen, or send a chat message. For details on how to use the app’s features, click here.

This page last updated Mar 1, 2021 2:48pm PST