Further to the September 13, 2021 announcement by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) that all staff in the health sector (not covered by the existing PHO Order for long-term care and assisting living) must be vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 26, 2021, the PHO has now issued the Order: Hospital and Community (Health Care and Other Services) COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventative Measures.

Vaccinations for all staff

This new Order includes all Providence staff, including corporate and excluded staff, medical staff, researchers and students, as well as anyone contracted or funded to provide health care services by Providence Health Care. Peer workers, such as those who provide care through lived experience support, are excluded from this Order.

New vaccination deadlines allow more time to get vaccinated

New vaccination deadlines allow staff who are not yet vaccinated to receive their first dose of vaccine, and we encourage all staff to be vaccinated. To comply with this order, effective October 26, 2021, all existing Providence staff must either be:

  1. fully vaccinated (seven days past Dose 2); or
  2. have received their first dose no later than October 25, 2021, followed by their second dose 28 to 35 days after their first dose. Staff must follow preventative measures (i.e., wear a medical mask) until they are fully vaccinated.

Staff who have not received any doses of vaccine by October 26, 2021, will not be permitted to work and will be placed on an unpaid leave of absence.

If staff do not receive their first dose by the October 26 deadline, but receive one dose by November 15, 2021, they may return to work seven days after their first dose provided they follow preventative measures and receive their second dose 28 to 35 days after the first. Anyone who is still not partially (awaiting second dose within 35 days) or fully vaccinated by November 14, 2021, will be subject to termination of employment.

New staff hired on or after October 26, 2021, must be fully vaccinated in order to work.

Requests for reconsideration (exemption)

The only exceptions from the vaccination requirements are for staff who have an approved or pending medical exception request. If you are seeking a medical exemption to this Order, please follow the Guidelines for Request for Reconsideration (Exemption) Process, which includes completing and submitting the Medical Deferral Form. Please send a copy of your confirmation letter to Sandy Coughlin, Director, Occupational Health & Safety (

We recognize that most Providence people are vaccinated. Vaccination is safe, highly effective and the best way to protect those in our care. Thank you to all Providence people who are vaccinated for taking action to help ensure your safety and that of your colleagues and those we serve.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Coughlin (



Thank you to all of our staff and medical staff who have already been vaccinated. Your actions have helped ensure the safety of your colleagues and those we serve.

If you have any questions about this upcoming requirement, please contact Sandy Coughlin, Director, Occupational Health & Safety (


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