Geriatric Medicine/Palliative Care Consultation Service

C19 Geriatric Medicine/Palliative Care Consultation Service
(GMPC Service)

The GMPC Service has been formed to help with the COVID-19 (C19) pandemic to assist teams in the care of frail and older patients who have C19.

Patient population: These patients are generally sick and require hospital admission, but not sick enough (<4 LPM of oxygen support), or not candidates for ICU.

We will use technology (CST, FaceTime, Zoom, telephone) whenever possible to provide consultative and patient/family support. It will be made up of a geriatrician and a palliative care physician and consults will be triaged to one or both physicians based on individual needs.

Patients who you might consider consulting our service for include:

1) Patients/families who require additional support for goals of care discussions in the context of frailty/multimorbidity

2) Patients with geriatric syndromes (delirium, underlying cognitive impairment, polypharmacy, sarcopenia) who are may recover from the illness but at a new cognitive/functional baseline

3) Patients nearing end of life in need of symptom management

4) Patients from LTC who are COVID-positive for whom patient, family or health care provider support is required

To consult our service, please call the geriatrician or palliative care physician oncall who will triage the consult to the appropriate member(s) of the GMPC team. We are also always available for feedback/ suggestions.

Martha Spencer and Gil Kimel

Download GMPC Service Document. 

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