Mount Saint Joseph: 3C

January 28 - February 4, 2021

The following message is forwarded on behalf of Claudia Friess, Corporate Director, Acute Care, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital and Sandra Barr, Program Director, Medicine, Providence Health Care 

Please be advised that Public Health has officially declared over the outbreak on 3C of Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, effective today.

The reopened 3C will now become fully operational and fully staffed with normal work-shift schedules. Staff will continue to apply COVID-prevention strategies, including regular assessments of COVID symptoms,  maintaining exceptional PPE practice and an abundance of caution.

A big thanks to everyone who helped manage the outbreak since it was declared on January 11, especially all staff, medical staff, allied and contracted services staff that work in 3C. Thank you also to the PHC Pandemic Response Team, the Infection Prevention and Control Team and ​VCH Public Health, for being so focused and attentive in helping guide our collective response.

Because 3C was closed off to new admissions during the course of the outbreak period – and due to increasing number of COVID and other patients presenting at our hospitals from the community – other units at MSJ had to step up to ensure continued effective flow and access to patient care.  

Once again, a big thanks to everyone at MSJ and St. Paul’s for your support during this outbreak. You continue to contribute selflessly to our daily efforts of providing exceptional care and keeping patients and staff safe during this pandemic.

Thank you. 



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