We understand how stressful it is to wait, but PLEASE DO NOT CALL VIROLOGY, MICROBIOLOGY OR THE GENERAL LAB for your personal COVID-19 testing results.

Positive results will be communicated out to staff and providers as soon as they are available.

Providence is reviewing other mechanisms to support timely report out of negative results as well.  In yesterday’s PHC update the Virology Laboratory at SPH announced a new fully automated, high throughput testing method for COVID-19 which will help with turnaround times.

But every call that must be answered will divert resources away from the processing of the tests, therefore prolonging response time. 

Please refer to the following links for self-care. For Providence staff, click here; for medical staff, click here

Lab leadership appreciates your support  in not phoning directly for results.

This page last updated Mar 23, 2020 8:04am PDT