COVID Adult CPR Protocol

At PHC, the Cardiac Arrest Committee has recommended that all code blue events will be considered as potentially COVID-19 positive. This reflects the risk of asymptomatic transmission in undiagnosed cases, the potential for nosocomial acquired infection and the high risk to HCW of aerosol generating procedures including CPR and intubation. The committee will continue to monitor the situation and revise our recommendation according to the best available information.

What can you do to mitigate risk to both patients and staff in your areas?

1. AVOID Code Blues. We can do this in 2 ways

    a. Ensure code status is in line with Goals of Care, prognosis, frailty and co-morbidities. Most patients do not survive cardiac arrest with non-shockable rhythm. Survival will be further reduced by the longer time to ACLS in protected Code Blue. These factors should be considered in making a recommendation to patients regarding CPR.

 b. Where full code is appropriate, we know we can avoid many Code Blues by careful attention to early warning signs of clinical deterioration. We have already seen a reduction in CPR events since the launch of our CCOT Team. Please continue to call us early and often.

2. PPE awareness and practice. Ensure staff in your area are aware of what constitutes airborne PPE, and that a process is in place to bring airborne PPE to the code. A dedicated cart/box is recommended. Training and practice in both donning and doffing will reduce breaches and minimize delays.

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