Psychology Awareness

COVID-19 has presented us all with many difficult situations and increased stress, which can impact our mental health. This has led to a more general awareness of how closely our physical and mental health is connected. Good mental health is essential, and we need to take care of it the same way we care for our physical health.

Here are some common mental health myths:

Learn more about mental health by downloading this poster51 Common Mental Health Myths [PDF]

The PHC Psychology Team has also created a series of flyers on mental health-related issues that they are often asked about. The flyers will be featured in the COVID-19 bulletin each week during the month of February, and can be downloaded below: 

Issue #1 - Download Flyer [PDF]

Issue #2 - Download Flyer [PDF]

Psychology Awareness #3

Issue #3 - Download Flyer [PDF]

Issue #4 - Download [PDF]

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