Coaching (1:1) and group coaching (with you and your team) 

To maximize the potential of our organization and create innovative and sustainable solutions in a time of crisis, we need to not only tap into the wisdom of our people, but build on their capacity. This requires a Coach Approach.

The practice of asking powerful questions can increase the capacity of our people and the connection we have with them as leaders. Here are some suggestions for practicing a coach approach — specifically, when others come to you with challenges.

Be patient and listen:  As a leader, when someone comes to you with a problem, we encourage you to ask questions versus you trying to solve the challenge at hand. Encourage them to take the lead — by doing this, you are enabling them to learn.


What is coaching?

When you shift from giving advice to asking questions, you may initially feel uncomfortable and uncertain of the value you are providing as a leader.

As leaders, we often look for solutions — by adjusting this default strength, we will help build critical thinking and independence amongst our team.

As we transition to a “new reality,” we can help you reimagine and shape what this may look like for you and your teams — more details below.  If you are not yet connected to a Leadership Coach and would like to be, please email

As a leader at PHC, you do not need to navigate COVID-19 on your own: The Leadership Coaches are here to support you and your teams. This includes the following:

  • Mapping out a clear strategy for the “New Normal”
  • How to effectively shape programs and services moving forward
  • Knowing how to support your team to work remotely and measure their deliverables
  • Focusing on what matters most — planning for immediate needs and leveraging lessons learned for post-COVID-19
  • Navigating the change of pace without losing momentum or staff’s motivation
  • Delivering on key priorities and living the values in the face of staff’s challenges
  • Making decisions under pressure, quickly and with confidence, in challenging and unpredictable environments
  • Building resilience Rebuilding self-confidence that may have been shaken by current challenges
  • Feeling comfortable when having challenging conversations
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