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Supporting Managers Through Disruptive Change| Advisory Board (listen outside of citrix)

  • Establish a ‘Safe Space’ for managers to share their concerns and questions, and understand the demands they face to enable air cover for them
  • Better tap into their experience and knowledge to source feasible solutions to current challenges
  • Develop a process to allow assessment of demands and appropriate prioritization of asks directed at managers
  • Share a ‘self-service’ tool to help managers work through stress and frustration for their mental and physical well-being

Locking in crisis-driven care innovation: Developing pathways and protocols to scale and sustain new ways of working

  • Develop a tool to evaluate ‘implementation readiness’ for multiple sites and partners with whom we need to implement new protocols
  • Ensure regular learning sessions with frontline teams to understand resistance to protocol implementation and ways in which they can be removed 


Establishing ongoing feedback and support channels for staff

  • Develop an ongoing feedback loop that enables a quick and cathartic way for frontline staff to share how they feel and provide input on how the organization can learn and make change
  • Establish a safe environment in which multi-disciplinary team members at all levels can come together to share their moral distress and work through resolution and closure together  

When peer support is not enough

  • Join Dr. Tim McDonald, Chief Patient Safety & Risk Officer, RLDatix, Dr. Andy Furman, Executive Director, Clinical Excellence, ECRI, and special guest Dr. Carla Marienfeld for an important discussion on COVID-19 and its impact on physician health. In this webinar, leaders will learn how to recognize when colleagues exhibit severe signs and symptoms of COVID-19-related stress, depression, and other indicators that they may need more than peer support. 
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