Break and Relax Rooms

Break and Relax Rooms

Dr. Bonnie Henry has extended her orders prohibiting social gatherings of any size with anyone other than your household bubble. Your “bubble” does not include your co-workers.

Physical distancing rules apply everywhere in our organization - this includes break rooms, cafeterias, coffee kiosks and entrances.

In order to increase the safe number of spaces to take breaks and eat your meals while physically distanced, the following break areas are now available for staff use:

Note: the availability of these rooms may change due to the possible surge of COVID-19 cases.

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
Cafeteria: will be used for break space. MSJ cafeteria is open 24/7. Site is currently looking at more break rooms for staff.

Chapel: Quiet space for reflection

Harvest Room A: available now from 11:00 am to 19:00 hours for ER staff only. 

Additional temporarily MSJ Unit break rooms are as follows and restricted only to staff who work on these units:

  • 4W – Room 4160
  • 4E – Room 4275
  • 3B – Room 3205
  • 3C – Room 3244
  • 1South  

Staff change rooms and showers are located near the cafeteria. For more information about shower areas, contact Meghan McMenamie at or 604.877.8131 - local 78131.

If there is a surge of COVID-19 cases, the unit break rooms will be converted into patient rooms.

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital – Physicians
Physician lounge (Rm 1178) & Shared Space (Rm 111 across from Sr. Germaine Conference Room)
St. Paul’s Hospital​​
  • Conference Room 8, Providence Building Level 1 (9 spots)
  • Dining Room 3, Cafeteria, Providence Building Level 4 (9 spots)
  • Space outside the Cullen Theatre (7 spots)
  • Lower Gym (Healthy Heart Program, 14 seats)​
St. Paul’s Hospital – Physicians
  • Medical Staff Lounge
  • Anesthesiology work room
  • Lunch rooms in procedural areas (Cardiac intervention, surgery, OPD)
Honoria Conway
  • Staff rooms located on 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.
  • Spa Room on Main Floor
Brock Fahrni
  • 2nd floor staff lunch room
  • Chapel (2nd floor): quiet space
  • 3rd Floor, Quiet Room: capacity is one person at any given time.
  • BF 3 Conference Room/Staff Room
  • BF4 Conference Room/Staff Room
  • Atrium (Ground Floor)
  • Meditation Room (Quiet Space): capacity is one person at any given time.
  • Conference Room/Staff Room located on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Nursing Units
  • 2nd floor Staff Room (2nd floor, North Entrance, Accessible from the Outside with staff ID card)
  • Outdoor patio
Alder Unit (Langara Site)
  • 1st floor, Staff Room: Only for Alder Staff Use
  • Examination Room
  • Youville, Staff Lounge (Basement): Only for Youville Staff Use
  • Parkview 4 and 5 Nursing Unit: Only for Parkview 4 and 5 Use
Holy Family Hospital – Rehab staff only
Room 277
Holy Family Hospital – ECU staff only
3rd Floor staff lunch room



Please check this page for updates as we roll-out this program.

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