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Child care: leave options

Being a parent can be challenging at the best of times. At Providence, your family matters to us. With the start of the school year, we know our staff who have school-aged children are anxious about what to do if their child gets sick, is sent home from school or if their child tests positive for COVID-19. To ease some of this stress, we created a document that outlines all the options that may be available to you.

Click HERE to read the document.

Child Care Centres update 

Effective September 1, 2020, Child Care Centres are no longer required to prioritize their spaces for Essential Service Workers and will revert back to their pre-pandemic enrolment which invites regular families back to their previous spaces. 

If a family decides to not return as of September 1, it is up to the child care provider to decide if they want to:

  • Charge a fee to hold their spot
  • Temporarily offer the spot to another family until the original family decides to return
  • Permanently offer the spot to another family

If you have any questions about your specific child care situation please contact your child care centre directly and continue to check the Child Care Response to COVID-19 for family and child care provider updates.

Until August 31, 2020, child care centres receiving the Temporary Emergency Funding (TEF) must continue to prioritize care for essential service workers and continue to not charge families who temporarily withdrew from care. For more information about the TEF and the obligations to support essential service workers please visit:

Mentorship & tutoring support:

A group of UBC students, including the daughter of Providence cardiologist Dr. Brett Heilbron, has launched a free mentorship program for children of health care workers. Kassandra Heilbron and her colleagues wanted to help express their gratitude to all of those on the frontlines during this crisis so they launched Mentoring the Stars. They have felt the impact of transitioning to online learning themselves, and wanted to help younger students.

All the mentors/tutors are university students who are volunteering their time for the project. Mentors are matched with an appropriate mentee, depending on the needs of the student. The mentor will create a customized lesson plan for each student, with training and guidance from Kassandra and her colleagues. They have found most younger students need help understanding basic concepts, while older students need help understanding concepts and reviewing their assignments.

Kassandra says they are actively recruiting additional mentors and mentees to join their community. Please see the flyers for additional information. You can sign your child up for a mentor HERE. University students interested in volunteering as mentors, click HERE. You can email Kassandra and her team at

Check out the mentorship flyers below for more information:

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