Learning and Quality Improvement Resources

As things are moving towards our “new” normal, you may find that you have some time on your hands. If this is the case, we encourage you to check out the quality improvement and leadership resources listed below. Now is a great time to expand your toolkit. 

Noticing something you’d like to improve? 

Leadership Resources 

We’ve put together a list of ideas for staff and leaders alike to pull from or be inspired by during a time when you may have an extra capacity or a pause in your day.  We encourage employees to check-in with their leader to discuss the ideas below or, if you have any ideas you wish to contribute. 

Courses on the Learning Hub

Access the Learning Hub

  • Update your site/job specific classes
  • Complete the Hand Hygiene Module
  • Update First Aid Skills
  • Register or learn more about a Leadership Course you would like to take

Microsoft Office Tutorials 

Quick access to Short Learning for Staff

Social Styles — Understanding each other for improved collaboration

Useful Wellness links

We also encourage you to visit the Staff Support section on the COVID-19 website. 

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