Thank You Holy Family Hospital

Here at Providence, we’re grateful, proud, and honoured to have a hardworking and compassionate team caring for our most vulnerable people during COVID-19– our residents, patients and families. 

Thank you to the team at Holy Family Hospital for providing exceptional and compassionate care during this difficult time. Together, we will get through this. 

Below, members of the Providence Health Care team share their gratitude towards the Holy Family Hospital Team. Take a look! 

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Lucy Luongo, Mission Coordinator, Providence Health Care: 

To my dear colleagues at  Holy Family Hospital,  

Thank you  for your continuing compassionate care to all under your care, especially during the current crisis  at our HFH, Care Home.      

“Encourage, lift and strengthen one another.  For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.  For we are connected, one and all. “ – Deborah Day


Hello Fellow providence staff,

You are in my thoughts, as you prepare and deliver the meals, wash the toilets and floors, listen to a frightened resident, or cry to one another who is bereft.

I am very sorry for the unfortunate outbreak.

I am remembering that EVERYONE is doing their best.  I am behind you all.

Thank you for your commitment to work and to provide quality care for the residents.


Nancy Hay

Social worker

St. Paul’s Hospital


4west MSJ

To our colleagues,

4west MSJ would like to extend our support and thoughts to those working at Holy Family hospital.

With these unprecedented times,  it is the opportunity to show the community how PHC delivers care.

And how do we provide care?  With unwavering resolved.  

Knowing many of you there, I feel your stress and fear, but You are not alone.

You are not forgotten.

You are thought of and held in high regard. 

Think of those you care for and those who put their lives in your hands. 

It is an honor and privilege  to be given the opportunity and care for those in need.

Continue to push through and your sacrifices will be rewarded. 


Claire Doherty, Project Leader, Patient Transitions

We Honour Our Many Heroes And Give Thanks

By Anne Murphy

Lots of what we hear these days
Seems mostly doom and gloom.
Wouldn’t it be nice to see
Some good news really soon?

The great news we can find it,
Not hidden or tucked away.
There right in the open
It’s happening everyday.

Brave folks who are still working
Not getting decent sleep.
They keep our world still turning
With long hours they do keep.

Dedicated doctors and nurses
Hospital staff’s overtime.
Some leaving their retirement
To re-join the needed front lines.

All our health care workers
Fight the battle everyday.
It’s bravery just like soldiers
To destroy this virus away.



Poem submitted by the Virtual Health Team

Margot's poem.jpg

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