Online Memorial Service

Providence’s spiritual health practitioners have created an online memorial service intended for anyone who is grieving loss, especially now in a time when social distancing is in place.
Filmed at St. Paul’s Hospital and produced in collaboration with Music Therapy and Media Services, the video acknowledges the deaths across all of our Providence Health Care sites, but is available to be viewed by our wider community. Anyone who can find comfort from it is welcome
Rituals are symbolic activities that help us respond to significant events in our lives, and many of the traditional rituals that surround loss are not currently possible. Grief and mourning are normally best shared with those who support us and love us, and the lack of human connection during such times is painful. Our normal methods of processing death are completely interrupted. 
The fact is that some families have not been able to support their loved one as they passed away, in the ways they usually would. This adds a layer of complicated grief to an already extremely tough situation. 
Those who are interested can view the on-line memorial at any time or location they wish via this link: They can view alone, or if possible, with their household. Friends and family could arrange to view at the same time from far flung places, as a way to gather together for a shared experience. Please share the link widely with anyone you feel may benefit.
The memorial is not faith-specific, so is relevant to a wide audience from many faith and spiritual traditions - or none at all - wishing to pause for a few moments to commemorate a death. Using music, art, poetry, and prayer, this memorial offers an innovative way to remember those who have died.
The Spiritual Health team is available for follow-up after viewing the memorial, if one feels the need to reach out for additional support: 604-806-8163.

Viewings of deceased

In keeping with the normal practice of PHC, families are encouraged to connect with their funeral home to view the body of their loved one. In exceptional circumstances, body viewings may be requested. Staff are encouraged to view the guideline Viewing of Deceased: Roles and Expectation of Spiritual Health and Pastoral Care on SHOP for additional information.

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