Changing Network Password

Download: Changing Network Password instructions (PDF)

If you need to change your network account password here is some helpful information.

Your new password:

  • Must contain 8 or more characters 
  • Must consist of 3 of the 4 of the following:
  • Lower case letter
  • Upper case letter 
  • Number
  • Special character (ex !@#$%^) 
  • Must not be the same as your previous 24 passwords 
  • Must not be similar to your username


  • !Goodbye2o2o
  • 2020i$Over
  • traveling@21
  • wow^2021 
  • Yay1ts0ver 
  • cuc0vid!
  • hooray#21

Changing your password if you are ON health organization network

Windows 7, Windows 10 or Connected using Citrix Gateway VPN

  • Simultaneously press the CTRL ALT DELETE keys.

  • Select Change a Password. Follow the instructions to set your new password.

Using a CST Blue/Shared Workstation or Connected Remotely

  • The password change option via CTRL ALT DELETE keys is not be available. You can change your password using the Self-Service password reset tool. Log in at:

  • Select I need to change my password

  • Follow the instructions to set your new password.

Changing your password if you are OFF health organization network

  • Log in to webmail:
  • Microsoft Authenticator is a requirement to access webmail while offsite. To register follow the instructions here.
  • Select Settings(gear icon, top right)
  • Then scroll down to Change Password.
  • Follow the instructions to set your new password.

When changing your password, remember to update the following:

  • You will be prompted to update your password on your corporate mobile device enrolled in WorkSpace One.

  • Any email accounts you have on a personal device, such as an iPad, tablet, laptop, etc. will need to be updated with your new password.
  • Your password also needs to be updated if you connect to the PHC staff wireless network (vch-staff).

Self Service Password Reset: If you are not already registered, please registerfor the Self-Service Password Reset tool here. This will save you time in the future if you experience an issue with your password. Please note that to complete the initial setup you must be on the health organization network.

This page last updated Mar 2, 2021 6:19pm PST