Given the experiences of this past year, we wanted to highlight the significant contributions of social workers at our long-term care sites.

Social workers in long term care have a unique role in providing essential support to residents and families. Jasmine Narayan, who has worked at Holy Family Hospital since 2005, is a member of our exemplary LTC Social Work Team at PHC. Over the years Jasmine has maintained a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to the ongoing development of her social work practice in a long-term care setting. She is an integral member of the HFH community and highly regarded by staff, residents and families alike. Before the pandemic, she was known to have a constant line-up outside her door of residents and families that were seeking her support and assistance.

Providing support to residents and families became much more complicated during the pandemic. In June 2020, Holy Family LTC was declared on outbreak which lasted many weeks and sadly took the lives of 21 residents.

Jasmine’s strong interpersonal relationships and leadership skills were highly valued during this time as she supported team/family/resident communication. Families were no longer able to visit and had difficulty getting updates about their loved ones. They were worried that their family members would get sick and family would not be able to care for or visit them in their final days. Residents who were used to regular visits were suddenly unable to see their spouses, children and grandchildren. Jasmine worked diligently with the team at Holy Family to support residents and families to remain connected virtually and when residents died, she provided comfort to families and loved ones and helped them to manage their grief.

Staff at HFH, and Jasmine in particular, could not keep up with all the calls from family members. As a result, PHC leadership created a family support line, which was staffed with social workers who provided support seven days a week. Social Workers who responded to the support line called into team huddles daily and connected with various team members to coordinate follow up, support plans for virtual visitation and provided frequent and significant emotional support to distressed family members.

So significant was Jasmine’s contribution during the outbreak at HFH, that a number of her colleagues got together and nominated her for a Professional Practice Award in Clinical Excellence – which she won earlier this year. Kudos to Jasmine and to the rest of our Long-Term Care social workers, who’ve showed tremendous dedication, perseverance and resilience in an unimaginably difficult time.

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