This spring, Providence will introduce a new online scheduling tool called Andgo for unionized staff scheduled by PHC’s centralized Staffing office.

Andgo will allow staff to view all available shifts up to 16 weeks in advance, all in one place. The new online portal means staff will have more time and opportunities to receive and accept shift offers; better access and more information to consider short notice and long-term shifts in one place will help staff to plan their schedule (and by extension, their life).

Switching to Andgo is the first of several steps PHC is taking to upgrade our outdated (and disconnected) staffing systems and processes. This move to one consolidated online portal will replace the current automated shift callout (ASC) and pre-booking by email process; integrating these staffing services will create efficiencies for People Staffing to reinvest back into providing better service to the organization.

Moving staffing services online supports environmental sustainability and aligns PHC with systems in place at the health authorities. As part of a provincial initiative to move staffing technology forward to meet the demands faced by health organizations, Andgo will use the best current technology to simplify complex scheduling processes and improve the Staffing experience for staff.

Staff will be able to sign in to Andgo from work, home or on their mobile device when, where and how they want using the same log in information used to view online job postings and electronic pay statements.

Andgo will be introduced to staff in phases – the first phase will pilot MySchedule (the new employee portal) to a test group in April. Upcoming changes to staffing services will be communicated well in advance, as each group is on-boarded to the new system, and planning for training and demonstrations is in the works.

We want to hear from you!

To help us best prepare you for the upcoming change, we want to get a better idea of how our staff currently feel about the staff scheduling systems and processes in place at PHC. We also want to gauge how ready our staff are to move staff scheduling services online.

Please follow the link below to complete a short survey that should take about 10 minutes. All survey responses are anonymous.


The survey is open until Friday, March 19.

Staffing affects all of us at Providence, and most importantly, the people we serve. Your feedback is important and will help us get a sense of any challenges you may encounter or risks the project team should consider as we move ahead. 

For more information, please email

Thank you in advance.

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