Submitted by the Regional COVID-19 Vaccination Program Planning Team

Next week: Second dose clinics for those vaccinated Dec. 15-31

Earlier this week, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that the short-term delay in the delivery of vaccines to B.C. will continue through the first two weeks of February. Despite these delays, we continue to prioritize second doses of COVID-19 vaccine for staff and medical staff who received their first dose between Tuesday, Dec. 15 and Thursday, Dec. 31 either at a clinic or on site at a long-term facility.

Most who received their first dose during Week 3 of our campaign (Dec. 28 - 31) were staff and residents at long-term care homes, so we will be returning to those same homes next week to deliver second doses at on-site clinics. We will also offer a limited number of appointments to others who are due for a second dose. For details, please watch for communication from your manager or director of care, supervisor or medical department head. Only staff and medical staff who received their first dose on or before Dec. 31 will receive their second dose at this time.

Please bring your paper record of immunization to the clinic. Those who don’t bring it will have their eligibility confirmed through the provincial immunization database which includes a record of all COVID-19 vaccinations given, but this may result in a longer wait. Those who received their first dose after Dec. 31 will be notified when it’s their turn to receive their second dose.

B.C.’s immunization plan will go ahead as scheduled despite vaccine delivery delays

Though we know that B.C. will getting be fewer doses of vaccine than expected this month, we do not expect long-term impacts on the vaccination plan. The province anticipates that all doses that were set to be delivered by the end of March will be as planned, and we will be able to provide immunization clinics for our priority groups. We know that it may be frustrating not to see your specific job or team represented in the phased approach, but all who want to be vaccinated will be given the opportunity in the coming weeks and months. When it is your turn to be immunized, you will be notified directly by your manager or supervisor, or medical department head.

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