New study aims to solve puzzle of COVID-19’s long-term impact

Why do some people who contract COVID-19 react severely while others have no symptoms? Why do some suffer long-term effects and others recover quickly? These are questions that a study just launched St. Paul’s Hospital, with other sites across the country, aims to answer. Read about the research here.

Opioid Rx management program at St. Paul’s sees robust results

One in five of Canadians has been prescribed long-term opioids. A quarter are for doses that fall into the danger zone for addiction. At St. Paul’s Hospital, more than half of patients are prescribed opioids. The issue isn’t with the medication. Rather, patients were often prescribed a dosage that was too strong or a too-long duration. This can have adverse consequences. Read the latest results from the St. Paul’s program aimed to prevent patients from developing problem opioid use.

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