George Keulen has a lot of experience with the health care system in BC. Born with Cystic Fibrosis, he received a double lung transplant as an adult after a nearly 200-day stay in acute care. George can attest to the importance of an introduction - just ask him about the time he had a 15 minute conversation with a health care worker who didn’t introduce themselves or their discipline.

“I thought they were a social worker but about halfway through the conversation it dawned on me that they were actually a dietitian,” says George. “There was definitely confusion. Had I known, I would've talked in a completely different direction.”

Avoiding miscommunication is just one benefit of a clear and intentional introduction between carer and patient. While it may seem like a small or insignificant act, we know that an introduction makes a tremendous difference in the experience of care for our patients, residents, clients and their families.

That’s why Providence Health Care is pleased to partner with health organizations around the world in support of #Hellomynameis…Day on July 23.

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