When the COVID-19 pandemic hit here in B.C., the Communications & Public Affairs team knew we needed a tool to ensure staff, medical staff, and researchers could continue to receive important information about COVID at the click of their mouse. At its height, we were sending out one bulletin a day, even on weekends, sometimes late into the night.

As we have improved our communications over the past 15 months and the province now begins to reopen, it is time to say “Goodbye” to the COVID-19 Bulletin.

Today, we are launching the new connect intranet – PHC's new home for all of the important information and features you need to connect with your colleagues, your work, and your PHC. A major part of this new intranet is the relaunch of PHC News.

PHC News has gone through a major facelift – now fully integrated into the intranet, staff and medical staff will be able to view PHC News right on the homepage of connect. Beginning this Thursday, we will be sending out PHC News newsletters rather than COVID-19 Update bulletins.

What happens to our PHC COVID-19 website and COVID-19 Updates?

Don’t worry! Our COVID-19 website isn’t going anywhere for the time being, and it will remain the source of truth for all-things COVID-19.  

Going forward, we will publish must-know COVID-19 and vaccine-related updates in PHC News and you will no longer need to wait until a bulletin is sent to your email for you to see them.

PHC News will be updated daily when news is available, rather than being published once or twice a week.

Additionally, coming soon, we will have a new customizable newsletter so you can choose when you receive your PHC News newsletter, how often you receive it, and even choose the types of stories you receive.

Check out the new and improved PHC News on connect.

This page last updated Jul 6, 2021 3:28pm PDT