As part of the Future Workspace (FWS) project, workstations across PHC, VCH, and PHSA are being upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Windows 7 is approaching end of support and manufacturers have already stopped producing Windows 7 compatible hardware. Transitioning to Windows 10 allows workstations to be compatible with modern software and stay up-to-date moving forward.

At PHC, upgrades to new Windows 10 computers began in January 2021 and are expected to run until February 2022. Computers will be upgraded on a unit/department basis. Work started at PHC’s non-clinical and corporate sites as early adopters, with deployments there soon nearing completion. Thank you to everyone in these areas for the support.

The project is next shifting to non-CST live sites such as our Community Dialysis Units, followed by a pilot at select CST live units at SPH. As each unit/department is scheduled to receive upgrades, leaders will be contacted to kick off the project in their area.

As with previous upgrades during 2017/2018, each unit/department will be asked to designate a primary point of contact, who will play a key role in working with the project to verify final decisions and communicating to their teams on the steps and timing for upgrades.

More Information

For more information about the Future Workspace Project, please visit the IMITS InfoCentre. For more information about Windows 10 specifically, please see the Windows 10 resources section of the IMITS InfoCentre (You must be on the network to view these materials).

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