COVID-19 has been a difficult time. As leaders, we have been challenged to adapt our leadership style — embracing whatever challenges come our way.

Here at PHC, we want to support you as leaders.  Below, a list of resources we have put together to help you grow as leaders and help you support your team members. Together, we will get through this.


Looking for tools and resources to support and empower your team remotely? From combating zoom fatigue to learning how manage during a pandemic, click here for a list of helpful articles.


Have you ever considered a 1:1 Leadership Coaching Session? To register for a 1:1 leadership coaching session, please visit the Leadership Resources section on the COVID-19 website by clicking here.


Over the past four months, the Creating a New Future Advisory Team, led by Chantal Normand and supported by leaders from within PHC, has been busy creating and hosting dialogue sessions for PHC leaders. These sessions provide leaders with the opportunity to learn from each other and connect with other leaders facing similar situations (embodying the learning organization).  It also encourages leaders to reflect on their leadership style — what is working well and what can be improved on.  Take a look at some of the sessions listed below. Be sure to visit the PHC Leadership Dialogue Sessions page on the COVID-19 website for the complete list of sessions.

  • LIVE PODCAST: Leading with Resilience with Dr. Lawrence Cheng

Lawrence Cheng MD, CCFP(EM), MPH, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner is one of the founders and directors of Connect Health Centre for Integrative Medicine in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He continues to practice Emergency Medicine at St. Paul’s Hospital and is part of the Research + Development Team at Providence Health whose goal is to look for innovative solutions to health care. He is passionate about furthering the cause of integrative medicine through practice, education and research. His goal is to help improve not only the health and wellness of individuals but also of the whole community ecosystem.  Click here to listen.

  • DIALOGUE SESSION: Interview with Dione Nordby RN, MSN - Senior Patient Care Manager Critical Care: Reorganizing the critical care units in 24 hours to increase the number of isolation rooms for COVID patients. Click here to listen.
  • DIALOGUE SESSION: Interview with Pat Munro, Patient Care Manager-Emergency Department. How to motivate your staff during a crisis. Pat shared her 40 years of experience with HIV, H1N1, the hockey riots and the Olympics. We hope you take the time to listen and learn from her vast experience and why she stayed with PHC. Click here to listen.
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