Submitted by the VCH-PHC Holy Family Outbreak Management Team

Holy Family Long Term Care is building on its momentum of reporting no new COVID cases. Today marks 13 days since the home last had a resident test positive for COVID-19.

There are still a total of 53 residents and 35 staff who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

There are two Holy Family residents who remain in hospital; one is COVID positive and one COVID negative; none of them are in the ICU. No staff are in hospital. The total number of residents cleared is 28; the total number of staff cleared is 34.  To date, 20 residents have passed away – a sad and tragic outcome for which we send our deepest condolences to loved ones.

Holy Family is making good progress toward ending the outbreak, though ensuring nobody lets their guard down continues to be emphasized. Thank you to everyone for keeping their “foot on the pedal,” and continuing to work as a well-coordinated and integrated team, communicating and encouraging each other to be vigilant in providing exceptional care to residents, while collectively following all the outbreak protocols, processes and practices.

The site is increasing the number of environmental audits, continuously identifying new opportunities for enhanced cleaning of all areas of Holy Family Long Term Care – the residents’ rooms, our utility rooms, showers, and the staff common areas.

Last Day for Patricia JappyLoker

For over a month, Patricia JappyLoker has been a pillar of calm, experienced and knowledgeable leadership, as part of the VCH-PHC Outbreak Management Team. Patricia, who is a Manager – Berkley Care Centre, Long Term Care & Seniors at Vancouver Coastal Health, came into Holy Family Long Term Care (LTC), due to her having experience managing a previous COVID outbreak in the region. Yesterday was her last day at Holy Family, as she is transitioning back to Berkley Care Centre, handing off her full Holy Family LTC duties to Jeffrey Chan, Interim Manager, Holy Family LTC.

Patricia stepped in seamlessly into HFH LTC and developed rapport with the frontline staff. She has supported family compassionate visits, end-of-life visits and family communication with the Medical Health Officer and PHC Communications. Patricia has participated in staffing huddles to ensure the proper staffing levels were in place and has been a great on-the-floor support for staff to answer questions and address any issues.

We thank Patricia for her exceptional commitment and for being such an integral part of the team during her tenure at Holy Family. All the best, Patricia!

Profiling Redeployed Staff

As teams continue working around the clock at Holy Family Hospital long-term care to keep residents and staff safe from COVID-19 and to end the outbreak, we wanted to check-in on the staff who stepped-up to be redeployed from their home worksites to help care for our vulnerable residents and support their fellow staff at Holy Family. Today’s check-in is with Terry Taylor, Staff Nurse at MSJ 1 South – Geriatric Psychiatry Unit.

Why did you choose to volunteer at Holy Family Hospital Long Term Care during the outbreak?

“I received the email asking for volunteers to support the outbreak and I wanted to help. A change is always good to challenge yourself with.”

What’s been the most challenging experience here?

“The amount of donning and doffing of PPE equipment and keeping residents isolated in their rooms.  I have been so impressed with the residents and their adaptability and adjustment.”  

What’s been your most rewarding things about working at Holy Family LTC?

“The relationships. I have met so many new and great people from all over the place including nurses from the US.”

What do you think you will take back to your regular job (learnings) when you are done at HFH?

“Clear understanding of PPE and hand hygiene practice.  I think I can do it in my sleep now!”

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