Submitted by the VCH-PHC Holy Family Outbreak Management Team.

To date, we have had a total of 50 residents and 32 staff members diagnosed with COVID-19 at Holy Family Hospital. Those are the same number as reported on Friday, July 17 (there was no official release of numbers over the weekend).  Three residents remain in hospital, two of whom are COVID positive and one COVID negative; none of them are in the ICU. There haven’t been any new deaths reported.

A total of 16 residents have been declared “cleared” of their COVID-19 infections, meaning that they are no longer infectious even if they continue to have minor resolving symptoms. The number of staff cleared is 23 – two more than reported on Friday.

The outbreak management team is extremely impressed by the number of actions and changes that have taken place with the cooperation of all staff over the past several weeks.

Our collective success depends upon continuing to reinforce the practices and protocols in place.

Here at PHC, staff, families and residents remain our top priority. We are continuing to be vigilant about mitigating any new infections, ensuring continued staffing and other supports are fully engaged and deployed — these supports include public health, infection prevention and control, spiritual care, occupational health & safety, housekeeping, facilities, nutrition services, laboratories, pharmacy, protection services and many more.

On behalf of PHC, we want to thank the team at Holy Family Hospital for providing exceptional and compassionate care during this difficult time.  

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