The VCH-PHC Holy Family Outbreak Management team, staff, medical staff and contracted staff are continuing to work around the clock to minimize the COVID-19 outbreak at Holy Family Hospital Long Term Care (LTC) and keep residents and staff safe.

Given the nature of the COVID-19 virus, the situation is extremely challenging, but because of some amazing work being done by all involved, there is cautious optimism that good progress is being made.

The last resident reported to have a positive test result for COVID was on Friday, July 24. Staff are continuing to be extremely vigilant in all their practice to ensure no new spread occurs at the home. 

Since the outbreak was declared on June 9, there have been a total of 53 COVID-19 positive residents. Tragically, 19 residents have passed away. Our prayers and thoughts go to their loved ones. Two residents remain in hospital. A total of 35 staff have tested positive to date; none are in hospital. On a more positive note, a total of 26 residents and 30 staff have been cleared of COVID to date. 

Throughout the Holy Family LTC outbreak, staff, medical staff and contracted staff all have had to work as a well-coordinated and integrated team, helping establish and sustain a high number of new processes and protocols.

Today, we want to especially point out the ongoing contributions of the excellent rehab team in LTC. The team helps:

  • Connect families with residents via Facetime, Skype, Zoom and phone and serving as an interface between families and residents.

  • Provide support with mealtimes and feeding.

  • Assist with the effort to keep the building tidy and clean by managing the rehab equipment.

  • Support distanced wheelchair exercises.

  • Manage means of keeping the residents entertained with providing movies on tablets, etc.

  • Enable distanced conversations for company and visits.

The coming days and weeks will continue to be crucial in managing the outbreak at Holy Family LTC and will require the continued full cooperation and commitment from everyone, working in a focused way on a common goal.

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