Submitted by the VCH-PHC Holy Family Outbreak Management Team.

Courageous efforts continue at Holy Family Hospital long term care to end the COVID-19 outbreak that was declared on June 9.

As of 1 p.m. today (July 23), 52 residents and 33 staff members have been diagnosed with COVID-19. ( Please click here to get immediate and more up-to-date information on Holy Family Hospital's outbreak, thank you. )

Sadly, we have had another resident pass away over the last day, bringing the total to 16. Each resident’s death is a heartbreaking tragedy and our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families and loved ones.

Three residents remain in hospital, two of whom are COVID positive and one COVID negative; none of them are in the ICU. Two staff members have been admitted into hospital, but are not in ICU.

To date, a total of 17 residents and 26 staff have been declared cleared of their COVID-19 infections. 

Holy Family staff have been disciplined in collectively doing what needs to be done to eliminate COVID-19. The emphasis has been on infection control, having a clean environment, reorganizing, refreshing and tidying up residents’ rooms and all general areas, having PPE discipline, appropriate staff of all shifts, doing comprehensive testing of residents and staff, and undertaking a lot of staff education and training.

We also recently implemented a new process for entering and exiting the building. To facilitate this new process, we have brought in more tents and lockers where staff can get screened, change their clothing, and store their belongings.  Before entering the building, all staff first check the information board for the latest updates and reminders on such topics as education, PPE usage, screening and more.

All Holy Family LTC staff have been under a lot of strain since the pandemic was declared and doubly so since the HFH outbreak was declared on June 9. What they have accomplished so far in such difficult circumstances has been nothing short of heroic. Kudos to everyone for such an amazing display of compassion, resilience, dedication and exceptional care.

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