During the Covid-19 pandemic, Providence Health Care will provide hospital laundered scrubs to staff and physicians working in Covid-19 dedicated units. This is in addition to the provision of scrubs in the normal areas of allocation, which include:

  • Emergency Departments

  • Critical Care areas

  • Operating Rooms

  • Post-Anesthetic Recovery Rooms

  • Medical Device Reprocessing areas

  • Some Pharmacy areas

  • Maternity

  • Some Cardiology and Respiratory areas

  • Medical Imaging

  • DT room/Endoscopy/Bronchoscopy suite

For staff and physicians who work in areas where hospital scrubs are issued, please come to work in clean street clothes and change into scrubs upon your arrival. It is important that these scrubs are not worn home.

After their shifts, staff and medical staff should change out of the hospital scrubs and place them in a soiled linen hamper. To ensure we have sufficient supply, please do not stockpile these scrubs in your units or at home – and if you have any at your home, please return them to the hospital as soon as possible.

If you do not provide direct patient care in an area that was listed above, it is important that you do not wear hospital laundered scrubs to ensure there is an adequate supply for those that need them.

Please consider purchasing your own PHC work clothing on the following dates: 

St. Paul’s Hospital 

  • Uniform shop -- located in the basement area of the Burrard building

  • $12 bottoms/ $12 tops

  • Choose size. Pay cashier. Return for uniform pick-up.

  • SPH Dates + Times:

    • April 24th: 0800 – 1200 & 1245 – 1530

    • April 27th: 0800 – 1200 & 1245 - 1530

    • April 28th: 0800 – 1200 & 1245 - 1530

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

  • Location TBD

  • $12 bottoms/ $12 tops

  • Choose size. Pay cashier. Return for uniform pick-up.

  • MSJ Dates + Times:

    • April 29th: 0800 – 1200 & 1245 – 1530

    • April 30th: 0800 – 1200 & 1245 - 1530 

For additional information on what to do before work, during work and after work, please refer to

Click here to view VCH’s hospital laundered scrubs bulletin item.

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